Dylan found a music video that combines simple techno music with images of oiled women in bikinis operating power tools. Somehow that reminded me of one of my favourite movies of all time, Liquid Sky.

The film is ostensibly about space aliens that come to New York to kill heroin users at the moment of orgasm to capture opiates in their brain. Or something. But really the movie is a beautiful and lyrical exposition of the New Wave scene, with amazing costumes, makeup, and soundtrack. Anne Carlisle makes an amazing dual appearance as both Margaret, the Connecticut girl turned bisexual punk model, and Jimmy, the nasty little queer boy model. It's kind of like the Warhol scene, only much cooler.

So I came to New York, where I learned to be beautiful was to be androgynous. So I became androgynous, no less than David Bowie himself.
I'm not saying it's a good movie. But it's great.
  2004-08-23 14:56 Z