I just bought Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for the PC, first day of release. Even more fun than GTA3, excellent production design. Great use of pink and green. Some of the fonts are anachronistic but I'll look the other way. The 80s are a brilliant foil for this kind of game. I'm ashamed to find myself singing along to the radio. "Shoot that poison arrow".

The game works pretty well so far, much better than the mess that was GTA3 on the PC. Some annoyances: it installed DirectX 9 without asking my permission, there's a silly off-by-one display glitch in the cutframe letterboxing, and I can't get Alcohol 120% to emulate their crappy copy protection. But the framerates are good and the graphics are beautiful. Even the intro is cool, retro C64 load screen.

Lots of laugh out loud moments. My favourite so far, the little putt-putt moped called the "Faggio".

  2003-05-14 05:18 Z