It must suck to be a game developer. I applauded Atari for releasing a 6 hour time limited version of Temple of Elemental Evil on KaZaA. Now I learn that Troika, the developer, doesn't know about this release.
The kazaa version is not the demo. From what we can tell it is a try-ware version of the game (6 hours of time limited gameplay). we here at Troika are still trying to figure out what it is, who made it, and how it differs from the store ToEE.
Troika spends two years of creative energy developing a game. Atari/Infogrames fronts the money and publishes it. And then the publisher makes horrible decisions that screw the developers and the customer. TOEE was released too early and now there's a fight over whether Atari will allow Troika to make a patch.

I believe computer games are some of the most interesting commercial art being produced today. Shame to see the commercialism screw it up.

As seen on Eye on Troika
  2003-09-28 16:33 Z