The best import videogames are the ones that are relics from bizarro world. Consider the NDS game Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan, a rhythm game in an anime style with plotlines lifted from Mentos commercials. Basically, the gameplay is you tapping the screen in time to the J-Pop music so that your men in black facist costumes cheer ordinary people along in their daily struggles.

I just finished the level where you cheer along a horse so he wins the race and catches the bank robber on the motorcycle. Somewhere along the way the bank robber gets on a skateboard and then your horse is swimming away from the sharks. But in the end it's OK because thanks to your rhythm skillz your horse kicks the robber with his hind legs and then holds up his roll of Mentos in victory. Or something like that, a bit may be lost in translation.

The main gameplay is straight-up rhythm, tap the screen with the catchy beats. This video gives you an idea. The game is Japanese only right now but is being remade for the US market as Elite Beat Agents. I bought an import copy anyway to revel in the weird otherness of the full-on Japanese experience.

Thanks to Tea Leaves for hyping the game
  2006-07-17 21:55 Z