I learned a new technical term today, hitching. There's a new MMOG out, Lord of the Rings Online. So I started playing it today only to find the framerate is all janky. Stuttering. Or as the 10+ forum threads I found call it, hitching. The whole game freezes for a few tenths of a second, totally ruining smooth animation. See for yourself.

Apparently this problem is happening for a whole lot of people and has been happening since early betas. Near as I can tell it's occurring when new textures or geometry are being loaded. It's absolutely horrible and ruins the visual experience. Problems like this make me want to give up on PC games.

The game itself seems OK so far. But it's too much like World of Warcraft, only not nearly as polished in gameplay and UI. There's a reason WoW is so huge; it's very, very well executed. It's going to be a long time before any game can overtake it.

  2007-05-19 22:52 Z