The PC version of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is out, and boy is it nice. It's just as great as the PS/2 version, only with beautiful graphics (and, alas, crappy controls).

But the best thing about the PC release is that it's open to modding. A bunch of mods are already out, including the Hot Coffee mod which restores a sexually explicit mini-game that the developers apparently took out at the last minute. See some screenshots to get the idea.

As the Guardian points out the sex is not particularly sexy. You gotta love a progress bar that says "Excitement". But it is consistent with the cartoonishness of GTA, and I think this is the first time a mainstream game has had explicit sex in it. It may be that the most shocking part isn't that the game depicts sex, it's that it depicts sex between a black man and a white woman.
  2005-06-14 15:32 Z