As much as I love Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, I stopped playing as soon as I unlocked Vegas. The environments were just too beautiful to tolerate the crappy PS2 graphics. Happily, the PC version is due out June 6 and is looking good. The screenshots are hot.

The one thing missing in GTA: SA is a Latino soundtrack. You're cruising the barrio in Los Santos and all you can find on the radio is is gangsta rap, crappy house, and power metal. Where's my mariachi? Where's my slow soulful Mexican ballads? Corazon, corazon.

The PC version lets you create custom radio channels with your own music. There's even a new feature where they'll loop in the game's hysterical chatter inbetween your songs. All I need now is the perfect Latino mix tape.

  2005-04-21 15:41 Z