This week's issue of The Escapist is a 36 page special on girl gamers. Read the PDF. The article on page 27, OMG Girlz Don't Exist on teh Intarweb!!!!1, is great:
When I look at myself, I see a girl on the internet and a girl with an internet life. I see a girl who loves to play games and kill the dirty Alliance faction in WoW. I see a girl who can bunny hop with the best of them and keep her kills higher than her deaths in Counter Strike. I can talk the talk and walk the walk. But I am not a girl on the internet, because as I've been told before, I do not exist.
There's been a lot of writing on women and gaming that amounts to nothing, including some in The Escapist. But this article and a couple of others present a direct view into what it's like to be a hardcore girl gamer without a bunch of obnoxious overanalysis getting in the way of your understanding. Worth a read.
  2005-11-05 09:50 Z