The excitement of fanboy gamers is a double-edged sword; when disappointed they can be the harshest critics. Deus Ex is one of the best PC games ever, cleverly fusing FPS and RPG elements into an open ended game with a great story. There's a lot of anticipation for Deus Ex 2, coming out next week (already gold).

Alas, the demo of DX:IW disappoints. Fans are up in arms that the game is dumbed down for consoles, lacks the subtlety that made the first game great. I found the demo unplayably laggy until Warren Spector posted some fixes. Even then it only seemed OK; nice visuals, boring gameplay, stupid UI. Kind of a shame: instead of building excitement the demo seems to have made me worried about whether this game is up to snuff.

  2003-11-27 03:50 Z