The new Deus Ex game is fantastic. If you like intelligent, complex games run out and buy it right now. I played it on Xbox which was fine, PS3 is about the same and PC may be better.

The new developers absolutely nailed what made the original Deus Ex so great: gameplay options. You can sneak through levels avoiding the bad guys entirely, or go in guns-a-blazin and murder everyone, or hack your way through security, or find the hidden air ducts. It's amazingly fun and they really got the gameplay right. The story's quite good, too, with some good characters. Also some beautiful set design despite some limited graphics capabilities.

The game is a success in almost every way. The one failure is the boss fights, they're awful. Weirdly, they were made by a third party. There's various ways to cheap you way through them, best to just kill the boss quickly and move back to the fun game. And there's a whole lot of fun in the game. May end up being the best game of the year.
  2011-09-06 17:43 Z