Grand Theft Auto IV is out, the reviews are fantastic, and the game is amazing. I've played with it two or three hours and am awestruck by the complexity and detail.

For example, there's Internet in GTA IV. Complete with dating sites, two newspapers, ads for home cremation, a "secure" police database.. And

Craplist was started in San Fierro in 1995 by some basement dwelling sociopaths with the simple mission of creating a computer-based online forum where users can sell stolen bicycles and meet up at lunch time to give a stranger head. ... Capitalists don't understand us. Newspapers hate us. Stalkers love us. Craplist is here to stay. We are you.
That's one of about a thousand different parodies hidden away in the game. It's overwhelming and beautiful. (Sadly, none of the game URLs lead to web sites on the real Internet right now.)
  2008-04-30 22:39 Z