OK, I take back most of what I said about City of Heroes. A few of my blog readers wrote me to say I should stick with the game, it gets better. And I did, and it did, and now they've charged me $15 for the second month and it seems OK.

CoH still suffers from the same level treadmill that all online games seem to. And the storytelling isn't that great. But it's really a pretty fun game. This is the first online game I've seen where playing together with strangers is actually entertaining. The game got more fun for me when I created a pure healer character, where the only way I can even play is to find other folks to play with. It's good amusement.

I still wish the game had better support for story. The whole point of being a superhero is you're saving the world from bad guys. But in this game the bad guy supply is inexhaustible. Any time day or night if I walk down a street in Galaxy City I'm going to see a group of bad guys. And if I "arrest" them, walk away past the clipping region and walk back, there will be another group right there. Nothing changes. This is a difficult gameplay mechanic to avoid in MMOGs, but it's still dumb.

  2004-08-29 18:34 Z