The single player demo for Tron 2.0 is out. Absolutely beautiful. It has the same look as the groundbreaking original movie, and the theme makes for some really great FPS level design. Giant towering spaces of fluorescent blocks, streams of bits flowing by, inscruitable glowing consoles.

The game designers seem to have freely indulged in the cheese of the original movie, too:

The Kernel will never retreat
And neither will I
Drive C forever!
With writing like that I don't know that the story will be any great shakes, but it should be a fun game. Some of the visual effects look like System Shock 2 and the character skill system is strongly reminiscent of Deus Ex. Good places to borrow from. Multiplayer demo was weak, but the single player game seems like a lot of fun.
  2003-08-02 19:34 Z