A few years back I mentioned Bitstream Vera Sans Mono, an excellent free monospace TrueType font. I install it on every computer I use for coding, terminals, etc. The whole font family is pretty useful, actually. The serif's a bit ugly but the sans is pleasant and it's great to have a free well hinted font.

But Vera development stopped at 1.10 and there's only spotty coverage outside of basic Western European scripts. So I was excited today to find the DejaVu fonts, an extension of Vera with more languages.

I just installed it and am glad to see modern Greek, better Georgian, Lao, Thai, and Cyrillic render in PuTTY. There's font support for Arabic and Hebrew too, but PuTTY wasn't happy going right to left. And there's even some math symbols and IPA!

Here's a test page with lots of screenshots.

  2007-10-29 00:19 Z