Ken and I made an excursion to the seldom touristed Place d'Italie today to check out la Butte aux Cailles and to have some non-French food. We ended up at Kannimaaraa, a pleasant and decent little Indian joint. Asian restaurants in Paris cater to French tastes and are very mildly flavoured with little to no hot spice. Same with Kannimaaraa, except my korma was nicely flavoured and there was a little jar of pickle on the side to provide some heat (once I convinced the quick-moving waiter I knew what I was about to eat).
It's not so good that it's worth a special trip, but if you want a break from French food and you're near the 13th it was pretty good. I particularly liked the wacko room decor, the presence of many blowing fans, and very fast service. One guy was in and out for lunch in 20 minutes!
  2007-04-30 13:57 Z