Le Figaro has a detailed set of election returns from last Sunday's vote, with percentages broken down by department (roughly, county) and for Paris, arrondissement (roughly, neighbourhood). I don't have the technology to do a cool red/blue map, so I made a little list (below).

No big surprises. In general the wealthier arrondissements to the west support Sarkozy, the immigrant and less expensive areas to the east support Royal. The urban middle is a pretty even mix. As an American I mostly understand "Sarkozy: conservative, Royal: liberal" but in fact it's much more subtle and complex than that. Any by US standards, they're all flaming liberals.

    Sarkozy Royal          Sarkozy Royal
 1eme    39    28      11eme    26    41
 2eme    31    35      12eme    32    32
 3eme    29    37      13eme    27    37
 4eme    34    32      14eme    30    34
 5eme    33    32      15eme    41    24
 6eme    44    24      16eme    64    11
 7eme    56    15      17eme    46    23
 8eme    58    14      18eme    23    42
 9eme    35    32      19eme    28    40
10eme    25    42      20eme    23    42

Total    35    32

I left out Bayrou and Le Pen, the 3rd and 4th runners. Bayrou outpolled Royal in the 7th, 8th, and 16th! If facism is your thing, the 18th had the most votes for Le Pen at 5.2%. It also had some of the fewest for Sarkozy; go figure.

Update: thakns to JY I found a map of election results. Charmingly coloured pink/blue!
  2007-04-25 11:38 Z