Finding a good hotel in Paris is expensive and difficult. Many places are small, overpriced, and desperately needing renovation. The guides do help you; for me I find that 3 stars on the sign or 2 pavilions in Michelin mean a comfortable room. More is luxury, and 2 stars/1 pavilion is clean but Super 8 quality.

Here's a small list of hotels that I know to be agreeable. Rates are very approximate for a basic double room; in Paris demand pricing is practiced with fervor.

Grand Hotel de Champagne
My friend enjoyed staying here and her room seemed nice, if a bit small and dated. It's in a fantastic location on the right bank in the middle of Paris, maybe 200m from the Pont Neuf. The immediate neighbourhood is good, too; there's a good cafe, restaurant, etc. 215€.
Hotel Royal St. Michel
Another fantastic location, this time on the left bank at St. Michel. You want the heart of romantic Paris? Here ya go. I haven't been there, but my friend Jason liked it. He had an inside room off the noisy street; that seems important here. 250€.
Hotel du Louvre
This place is a bit more upscale / business that the ones above. Again with a great location on the right bank. I've stayed here a couple of times; if you want something with a serious concierge, an American style bar, and not crazy expensive it's a good bet. Rooms are a bit old and noisy though. 250€ to 450&euro.
Hotel de Vendome
The best hotel I've stayed at in Paris. Rooms are luxuriously furnished and spacious, but the hotel is still small and intimate enough to be comfortable. The location is in the middle of the most chic shopping in Paris. Although as a place to stay, it's a bit isolated and far from a Metro. If you can get a good deal here it's well worth it for the comfort. 350€ to 600€.
This list may seem expensive, but so is Paris. It is possible to get reasonable places to sleep in Paris for 100€ but either you're far from the middle of town or else you're in a room you can't wait to leave every day.
  2006-11-20 11:18 Z