A few days ago I had about enough of French food so I went looking for something "ethnic". Paris is big and there's all kinds of food here, but Indian, Thai, Mexican, even Greek are all a bit dicey. So we ended up with Italian, at a little place near me in the Marais called L'Enoteca. I'd walked by a dozen times, always impressed by the care of the daily menus and wine choices.

Generally in Paris if you find a place where the staff cares about what they're doing, you'll eat well. As it was at L'Enoteca. My strongest memory is of the pasta with duck. Excellent fresh tagliatelle, shreds of duck nicely peppered. Simple, elegant, perfect. The Italian wine list is excellent and modestly priced to match the menus. It's clear the owner has pride, and that translates to a good experience.

  2006-11-01 08:37 Z