Crêpes are one of France's lovely little fast foods. You see them on street corners made to order with some Nutella or butter or the like and they're pretty satisfying. But crêpes can also be a real meal, a specialty of Bretagne. Jason and I had a great lunch in Rennes during our little trip: ham and cheese crêpe, chocolate crêpe, some cider.

Paris has a zillion crêpe joints, but only a select subset are serious authentic Bretagne places. Like the Crêpe Dentelle, a casual little weekday joint in the 2nd near the charming market street Rue Montorgueil. The delicate buckwheat crêpes were deliciously buttery. The homemade salted caramel made for a delicious dessert crêpe. The cider by the bowl wasn't my favourite. But for 11€50 you can get a full meal of three crêpes served by smiling pleasant people. What's not to like?

  2006-11-25 10:32 Z