I've added an archive calendar to my linkblog, so you can see old posts going all the way back to 2003. The UI is a little minimal but usable and it will work for any search indexers, which is what I most care about. Note old posts will have a grey background because I wasn't classifying link sentiment (new posts are white or black).

The most fun thing here are the images; I generated them for all my old links. Of course that's only possible if the site is up, I generated most of these in July 2022.

I've got a total of 20,700 links going back 19 years; that's an average of about 90 a month. I've been pretty steady the whole time, 50-150 a month with no missing time. A key thing is it's very easy for me to linkblog a new post, I just use the Pinboard browser extension and it's done.

The time sorted archive is not too thrilling. The other choice here would be to use the tags somehow to extract archives by topic, maybe cluster in to categories or (god forbid) do a tag cloud. A project for another time.

  2023-01-07 02:09 Z