The end of 24 this season was sucky.

Guyelle's wife is now officially the worst 24 character ever. She's on screen for, what, 45 seconds? She's in the office for a total of 15 minutes. Her husband dies a few hours earlier, we're in the midst of a bioterrorism crisis at CTU, but she has to clean out his office right now. It only takes 10 minutes to pack his stuff, but that's just enough time for her to create another Plot Twist. Deus ex vidua.

They don't wrap up the interesting side stories. Will anything redeem Chloe O'Brian, the person so awful she doesn't even have her own fan web page? And what about Jack's junk habit? It sure would have been a better ending to have Jack go back to his SUV to be alone with a nice syringe full of smack.

The best thing about the show was Chase and the axe. Kim abandoned her last amputee boyfriend. Poor Chase.

  2004-05-27 16:27 Z