The Battlestar Galactica remake finished on the SciFi channel, and I have to say it was great. I loved the original show as a little kid, but it's unwatchably cheesy now. The new show somehow is also cheesy, yet somehow uses that cheesiness without being obnoxiously hipster ironic. Instead it's gritty, sexy, clever, and fun.

My favourite part of the show is the grimy sexiness of it all, overlayed with the anachronism. Everytime Starbuck lights up a cigar on the hangar deck next to the fuel depots I smile. It's absurd and yet so TV-realistic. But then that's all tempered with the religious stuff, which seems both hokey and moving at the same time.

The best improvement over the original show is Gaius Baltar, who manages to be evil, batshit crazy, and sympathetic all at once. He's a center of the sexy, too.

  2005-04-03 17:58 Z