Hey there, I'm back from a nice little vacation to France. Paris, the Lot valley, Perigord. I actually got sick of eating foie gras and truffles: life's pretty good. But before I write up the fun stuff, here are some reasons to hate Air France:
  1. The cabin in their 747-400 from SFO to CDG is older than I am.
  2. Paris has two airports, who woulda thought? And if you miss your domestic flight because you're an idiot and went to CDG instead of ORY, Air France makes you buy full fare tickets to replace the flight you missed.
  3. They don't have proper gates at CDG, so you get to spend 30 minutes riding a bus all over the airfield to get to your plane.
  4. They lose one bus of passengers, it takes 30 minutes to find them.
  5. Only one of your two suitcases is on your flight.
Bah! But France was great, lots more to come. One quick suggestion: the Chateau de Mercues is fantastic if you want a relaxing country stay in the Lot, near Cahors.
  2005-06-12 23:07 Z