I love non-dance electronic music, glitchy groups like Autechre and Pole and mellow stuff like Vladislav Delay and Boards of Canada. Electronic music is notoriously difficult to categorize, so it's often hard to find new things.

And I really like the new thing I just found, music published by Thinner, a German electronic music label that's put out 80 releases over the last 5 years. The catalog currently totals 60 hours and 5.5 gigs of MP3. I've never heard of most of their artists, but I stumbled into them because of their Vladislav Delay release. They characterize themselves as "dub inspired electronic music". No idea what the hell that means; there sure isn't any Scratch Perry going on, but it's mostly mellow and noodly electronica that's interesting and without an annoying 120 bpm pulse. The online album covers have some great animated graphic design, too.

The best thing? It's all free! CC licensed. As I write this I'm listening to track 1 from Digitalverein. It's easiest to download the entire zip for a release. You may note the release naming is consistent for easy download scripting.

  2006-05-09 20:18 Z