When I was in high school the really cool outcast kids all smoked, drove old VWs, and listened to Sonic Youth. I was mostly a nerd, but sometime around my junior year I got a bit cooler and started listening to KTRU and hanging out at The Axiom.

But I never quite felt cool enough to listen to Sonic Youth. It was just a bit too raw and punk for my nerdishness. Now I'm an adult and my music doesn't identify me and I'm glad to say Sonic Youth still rocks. Sister, Evol, Dirty, even Washing Machine are all just great. I feel both alienated and hip.

I continue to look for a copy of their first album. At this point I'm almost ready to rip an 18 year old cassette tape.

The advertisement said the pleasure's everlasting.

  2004-05-12 15:48 Z