Bleep, the online music store for Warp Records, is awesome. DRM free MP3 for cheap and convenient.

I just went there to get the new Autechre release Untilted and was surprised to see Bleep is now selling FLAC as well as MP3. FLAC, if you don't know, is a lossless compressed format. Giant files, but "perfect quality" for the audio nerds. $10 for the album on MP3, $14 for FLAC. Honestly, high bit rate MP3 is fine for me. But it's nice to have the option.

BoingBoing notes that Bleep will also be selling XviD for a new video collaboration between Chris Cunningham and Aphex Twin. I'd probably never buy this video if I had to get a physical object, but I'll definitely buy a download.

  2005-05-24 16:03 Z