My favourite music these days is glitch, spare electronica between the wimpyness of ambient and the aggro of industrial. Glitch has an electronic sheen but manages to avoid techno's soullessness.

My favourite glitch group is Autechre. Their Tri Repetae++ is brilliant, but it was Chiastic Slide I first noticed. I picked it up cold at a record store because of the beauty of the Designer's Republic cover art.

The new album is Draft 7.30. So far it's a bit rhythm-heavy for me, I prefer the lushness of Amber. But I've hardly listened it yet.

More Autechre: discography (with cover art), Warp Records site for Draft 7.30 with some RealAudio samples, and the Amazon search leads to albums with lots of samples.

  2003-05-26 00:38 Z