Great article by Andy Patrizio of Wired News (referenced on Slashdot) about fans remaking classic old games like Ultima and The Bards Tale: Gamers Making Retro Remakes. Bunch of smart geeks get together, want to remix Ultima, even get Richard Garriott's permission. The article has a horrible comment from an Electronic Arts spokesman:
"EA owns the rights to Ultima and all of its characters, and in this case, no permission was requested or granted," said Jeff Brown, an Electronic Arts spokesman. "As for Richard Garriott's approval, that's like getting permission from Toto to remake The Wizard of Oz."

I played Ultima I when I was a wee mite, and it had a huge influence on me. A whole world, inside a machine! And created by Richard Garriott, a guy just a few years older than me, not 20 miles from where I lived. When I was 12 I reverse engineered parts of Ultima II, learned a lot. I remember being particularly weirded out because he was using BCD mode on the 6502. To refer to an artist like Garriott as a dog is so deeply offensive.. Technically, he's right, EA owns the IP. But ugh!

  2001-10-23 07:00 Z