My Thanksgiving turkey this year is a Midget White from Townline Farm. It's just now getting big and fat in preparation for being my tasty dinner.

The reason your Thanksgiving dinner is always dry and tasteless is because the Broadbreasted White turkey everyone raises is freakish and nasty. The New York Times had a good series of articles about this two years ago.

The turkey you'll be eating could never exist in nature. After 50 years of overengineering, it has morphed into a bizarre, ungainly beast that can no longer run, fly or even lay eggs. And all in the name of progress: what it can do is supply copious quantities of white breast meat at the expense of the dark meat from the leg and thigh.
There are several heritage turkey breeders out there. You may be too late this year, but remember it for next year!
  2003-10-23 02:10 Z