I really miss the food in Santa Fe. Particularly New Mexico chile. Milder and more flavourful than most chile peppers, they're used whole as the main vegetable in dishes or in large quantities as a spice.

My favourite chile is Chimayo red chile. The little town of Chimayo is famous for three things. El Santuario de Chimayo is a country pilgrimage church with dirt you eat to heal you of your sicknesses. Rancho de Chimayo is a great New Mexican restaurant. And the red chile grown in Chimayo is the best in the world, rich tasting and mild enough you can use it in great quantity.

Happily you can order Chimayo chile online cheaply: grocery store brand Bueno Foods will ship you 3 pounds for $20. That may sound like a lot of chile, but you can easily use 1 ounce per person making dinner.

  2006-04-17 21:56 Z