Ken does all the cooking. I feel guilty about that, so from time to time I try to make something myself. And having seen Marc turn out an excellent home-made pizza, I figured I'd try making one.

Following my new life of buying everything through Amazon, I set myself up with a pizza peel, a baking stone, and a copy of the pizza nerd book American Pie. And read, and it seemed simple enough.

And so it mostly was. Two things tripped me up. I have no intuition for bread dough, so it was a surprise to me that it's not like clay. You can't just fold it up and start over; the gluten structure won't let you do that. Scratch one doughball. The other problem is that Bad Things happen when the dough sticks to the peel. Note to self: more flour, and don't press down on the raw pizza, ever.

End result was fairly good, especially the second one. Not great, but fairly good. More practice needed.

  2005-01-23 21:10 Z