I had a nice dining surprise last night. After spending twenty minutes driving around the Inner Richmond looking for a place to park, we gave up and drove back towards home, me grumbling about how SF is choking on itself. On the way back we stopped by Chou Chou, a newish restaurant near the Forest Hills Muni stop.

And miraculously they had a parking place, and a table. And best of all, it's a a great little neighbourhood bistro. Friendly, busy, nicely decorated, good staff, good wine list, great menu. I had escargot (tender, and with a flavour more interesting than just butter and garlic) and a seafood stew (fantastic, quite spicy: almost like an etoufee). Ken had foie gras mousse and a lamb daube which looked rich and delicious. Happy all around.

My part of town is outside what most people even think of as San Francisco. I like it that way, quiet and relaxed neighbourhood. But sadly lacking in good restaurants. Chou Chou is a nice addition. They were packed, too, so I hope they are doing well.

  2005-01-30 16:12 Z