I don't know how I stumbled into it, but I'm really glad to have found the comic book Transmetropolitan. It's a hysterically cynical post-cyberpunk comic featuring the gonzo exploits of Spider Jerusalem writing his newspaper column "I Hate it Here". And his filthy assistants, his two faced chainsmoking cat, The City, its transgenic inhabitants, and the collision between cybertopia and the grim meathook future.

The writing by Warren Ellis is great, profane and hysterical and incredibly creative. Darick Robertson's art is beautiful, fantastically colourful and insane. Comic books rule.

Terrible goddamn place. Some days it's like some bastard nailed a ticket for the bus tour down to fucking Hell to the front of my brain. For every wild everything depends on it first week of being madly in love kiss on a streetcorner, for every beautiful woman stopping to feel the sun on her face and every child dancing in clean rain, there's a kid living in its own shit in a dumpster somewhere while Daddy sells his ass for milk money, tanks breaking down unwanted houses just to stop homeless people squatting there ... Time was this place didn't make sense and I could live with it. Either it's changed, or I have.

There's all the good things on this ticket, and pure fucking evil too. And all the same, I'm going down with you.

I wasn't cool enough to buy the actual comic books, but happily Vertigo has published everything as graphic novels. Amazon has them for about $10 a volume, each containing about 6 issues.
  2006-01-21 18:55 Z