I've been writing this blog for over six years always to satisfy an audience of one: myself. But I'm vain and am curious what parts of my blog others like. Thanks to Google Analytics I now know my most-linked posts:
Why SOAP Sucks
Four years of web API development frustration boiled down to 500 words.
Google search history and privacy
Alarm at a new Google feature. I'm not as concerned about it as I was when I wrote this post.
Goodbye, Google SOAP search API
Learning Google turning off my once-loved search API. My comments about "discipline" were considered news to Google watchers.
Games imitating war imitating games
Call of Duty 4 remixes Iraq. Waxy gave it link love, but a lot of the links are search engine gaming. One of the spam pages has a funny picture, though.
Hostile movie theaters
A guest post from friend Marc, a fine cranky rant I'm in total agreement with.
Helping spiders find your new home
Deeply nerdy post about migrating a website to a new domain. Glad this is well linked, it should be useful.
Why Bloggers aren't journalists
My attempt at being controversial calling Techcrunch out for sloppy reporting.
Another gamer emoticon
The usage of <3 to express affection. BoingBoing liked it. Breaking emoticon news: <8 is the opposite of <3, presumably as rhyming slang.
My most linked posts are pretty varied, but generally technical. When I talk to people in person the posts they remember most are the ones about Paris; no one seems to link to those though.
  2008-03-23 23:11 Z