The end of 24 this season was sucky.

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  2004-05-27 16:27 Z
  2003-10-31 16:52 Z
The Calgary Sun has the scoop: Kim is not going to be a lesbian. And yes, the cougar really did bite her:
So I eventually went to meet the cougar and my stunt double was there and the cougar was nibbling on her hand and I thought, Oh, its like a pet. And I put my hand out and he totally attacked me. It was pretty freaky, but I got to go to the hospital.
"like.. totally.. freaky.." Elisha Cuthbert must be taking lessons from Brando, staying in character 24 hours a day.
  2003-10-28 19:57 Z
The new season of 24 starts in a month. I've really missed Kim.

But there's rumours. She really was eaten by that cougar. Even better, next season is rumoured to feature Kim as a lesbian. It's every straight guy's fantasy!

It may be a hoax. I tried to find more info, but a search for Elisha Cuthbert Lesbian finds rather different material.

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  2003-09-19 00:56 Z
Wow, what a shock that Kim got safely to CTU, only to be killed by Nina in the last few minutes while waiting in a holding cell. Now she'll never be back on the show.

Nevermind, that was last season. Wrong annoying character.

  2003-05-22 13:38 Z
"You'll never be my mommy.
My real mommy is dead."
This week on a very special 24, Kim meets Kate Warner and grapples with feelings of family loyalty. Will she shoot Kate, too? Find out tonight!
  2003-05-15 14:26 Z

Why can't white people
just leave the house?
  2003-05-08 15:40 Z
She's been hanging out with this cop for three hours. What has she been doing?

And she's going to move out of her boyfriend's house at 5am? The boyfriend who lost his legs because of her? Cold.

Update: Tommy explains she's moving out of the deadly nanny house, not her hapless boyfriend's house. So she's not abandoning her legless boyfriend, she's abandoning the little girl after daddy killed mommy. Right now, at 5AM. Thanks for clearing that up Tommy!
  2003-05-01 15:28 Z
"I am a serious actress. I am prettier than that bitch. I demand screen time!"
  2003-04-24 03:35 Z
It's awfully easy to do without her, isn't it?
  2003-04-17 15:07 Z
We came this close to 24 turning into a Women in Prison film. Kim would make a great little chickie.

PS: Marc? Phblllt.

  2003-04-10 15:44 Z
Three corpses in one day and her hair is still bouncy; what's her secret?
  2003-04-03 05:05 Z
Why would you perform CPR on someone who's bleeding to death?
  2003-03-27 05:12 Z

Biker sandwich: bad
Creepy old sedan: bad
Shiny new SUV: just right
  2003-03-06 04:39 Z
After the Bomb goes off, Kim Bauer will flee back to the bomb shelter and found the New America with her pristine blonde genes.
  2003-02-27 06:06 Z
I can't believe she fell for the old "a nuclear bomb just went off and you have to hide with me in my bomb shelter" trick.
  2003-02-20 16:23 Z
She didn't even have to gnaw her leg off!
  2003-02-12 16:06 Z
I sure hope the mountain lion eats her.
  2003-02-06 16:29 Z