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Fastly supporting Python
5 year commitment to fund core Python community tools and conferences
2024-05-17 python • pypi • fastly • opensource • sponsorship
Supercharger firings
Meticulously detailed story of Musk firing an entire Tesla team on a whim, destroying a strategic unit and jeopardizing industry-wide partnerships
2024-05-15 elonmusk • demonmode • tesla • supercharger • evs • charging
Blanca review
Fine dining in New York that's aggressively chefy in an interesting and appealing way
2024-05-14 food • review • restaurant • blanca • finedining • blamey
Making Fury Road
2020 NYT article interviewing the cast and crew of the Mad Max movie
2024-05-13 movies • nytimes • madmax • filmmaking • namibia • georgemiller
Emoji history
Pushing back Emoji to 1988 and to earlier emoji-like things in computers to 1959
2024-05-13 emoji • history • unicode • writing • japan
Why US EV chargers suck
A political analysis of why the electric car infrastructure in the US is so bad
2024-05-13 evcharging • ev • cars • infrastructure • tesla • electrifyamerica • evgo
Citation Needed
A new experimental Chrome browser extension that lets you select a sentence from a web page, then use an LLM in the background to try to find a Wikipedia page that supports the assertion in the sentence.
2024-05-12 wikipedia • chrome • extension • llm • ai • via:hackernews
AdVon AI garbage
Formerly reputable publishers now including AI-written garbage reviews that generate affiliate revenue.
2024-05-08 ai • spam • seo • affiliate • scam • ads
A font designed for new readers with high legibility and a large character set
2024-05-08 accessibility • fonts • legibility
Furry Panic followup
A blog post about the guy in a fursuit hanging out in a public park that caused a ridiculous Satanic Panic news report
2024-05-06 furries • Sacramento • tolerance • parks • civilrights
Simple, cheap monitoring of websites
2024-05-06 monitoring • DevOps • uptime • web
Ruby HTML tag
A way to annotate text inline in HTML, mostly used for Asian pronunciation guide but more generally useful
2024-05-05 HTML • language • writing • pronunciation • html5 • furigana
Molly Signal fork
An Android client for Signal messaging with extra features. Including the ability to link to your main Signal account without that device being your primary phone number.
2024-05-04 signal • fork • Android • messaging
ʼPhags-pa script
A 13th century Mongolian writing system with pleasingly geometric glyphs
2024-05-04 writing • language • Mongolian • script • Chinese
Secret LLaMa
Run AI models in your web browser locally with WebGPU. Note: downloads 4GB of data to your browser!
2024-05-04 AI • LLM • chatbot • llama3 • via:hackernews • WebGPU
Sacramento Satanic Furry Panic
This would be funny if the culture wars weren't so dangerous
2024-05-03 furries • Sacramento • TV • news • panic • wicca • satanism
Qatar gay entrapment
Grindr date becomes an arrest in government harassment
2024-05-03 qatar • LGBT • via:Reddit • gayrights • police • grindr • harassment
A simple systems monitor, sends alerts if a URL isn't pinged often enough
2024-05-02 monitoring • DevOps • homelab • cron • sysadmin
Silver Crest Donut Shop
Profile of a 24 hour diner in an out-of-the-way neighborhood in San Francisco
2024-05-02 food • diner • sanfrancisco • America
Nevada County sheriff military equipment report
Example report from a small quiet county about using military equipment in local policing
2024-05-02 police • nevadacounty • California • military • politics
Tesla management problems
Absentee CEO returns and causes chaos
2024-05-01 Tesla • elonmusk • firings • layoffs • supercharger
Russian Wikipedia clone
Enter encyclopedia copied and edited to pro-Putin viewpoints
2024-05-01 Wikipedia • politics • russia • censorship • propaganda