Some Bits: Nelson's Linkblog aboutarchivemastodonfeed
A tool to help migrate from Twitter to Mastodon: finds people on Mastodon by scraping the Twitter bios of people you follow there
2022-10-30 twitter • mastodon • migration
Elon Code Review
A revolutionary new service to review your code. Note the pricing!
2022-10-30 funny • elonmusk • parody • twitter • codereview • via:metafilter
Tech wealth and art funding
A change in trend, folks from the tech industry funding the arts
2022-10-30 charity • art • tech • donation • culture • sanfrancisco • ica
Data Sovereignty
An indigenous people's perspective on machine learning, AI training, and indigenous languages
2022-10-29 language • ai • machinelinearning • maori • mahelona
Queer Afrofuturism
A short exploration of some remarkable artists
2022-10-28 queer • lgbt • afrofuturism • black • culture • scifi
Throuple geometry
A frank and sweet description of a gay relationship between three men
2022-10-28 gay • lgbt • men • sex • love • polyamory
Winding Down Skittish
Andy's neat experiment in online event spaces is ending
2022-10-27 events • waxy • skittish • online • audio • metaverse
Neptyne programmable spreadsheet
New product for building spreadsheets with real code backing it
2022-10-27 spreadsheet • programming • notebook • douwe • python
Starlink US data caps
Company appears to be severely curtailing service in the US because they are over capacity, but no clear communication yet
2022-10-27 starlink • datacaps • throttling • bandwidth • isp • confusion
Salish Sea map
Lovely new map of British Columbia and Northwestern Washington centered on the waters (/cc @timbray)
2022-10-26 maps • pnw • canada • washington • seattle • pugetsound
Pirate scene encoding
Some details on how video pirate groups think about encoding video in 2022
2022-10-26 video • scene • codec • h.265 • x265 • piracy
GTA: Oakland
A map of Oakland in the style of Grand Theft Auto
2022-10-25 games • oakland • gta • via:reddit
Steirische Kürbiscremesuppe
Delicious pumpkin soup I enjoyed in Austria
2022-10-25 cooking • food • austria • pumpkin • kurbis • soup
SF toilet details
Lots of quotes from Parks & Rec trying to justify the $1.7M toilet, including "we built two others at this ridiculous price"
2022-10-23 sanfrancisco • fraud • corruption • noevalley • toilet • bathroom
The Rose Thorn
A 13th century poem of a woman talking to her vulva, arguing which of them is more charming to a man. Thought to be a medieval celebration of women's sexuality
2022-10-22 poetry • history • vulva • women • rosendorn • sex • melk • german
Noe Valley $1.7M toilet
Three years and an enormous amount of money to build *one toilet*. Which no doubt will immediately be closed permanently "for security"
2022-10-19 sanfrancisco • toilet • broken • corruption • noevalley
DNA kits - for kids!
Hideous invasion of privacy in Texas after yet another mass school gun murder. Not to mention a ghoulish concession that more kids' bodies will be so shattered by military guns that they are unidentifiable.
2022-10-19 privacy • dna • civilrights • guns • violence • texas • children
US healthcare outcomes
An excellent graph showing American Exceptionalism in healthcare
2022-10-19 economics • graph • data • health • healthcare • america
Hallstat, China
A tourist town so popular that someone built a replica of the town in China
2022-10-17 china • tourism • austria • hallstatt • replica
Truth Social whistleblower
One of the grifters turns state's, highlights the SPAC fraud and Trump's personal demand for loyalty payments
2022-10-16 trump • politics • fraud • truthsocial • spac
Musk as Russian agent
Useful idiot chats with Putin, then tweets in support of his invasion of Ukraine
2022-10-11 musk • elonmusk • diplomacy • treachery • ukraine • russia • putin • loganact
Self driving bullshit
Skeptic article somehow positively features Levandowski, the convicted thief who was most responsible for self-driving hype and failures
2022-10-11 Levandowski • cars • ai • selfdriving • tesla • uber
Musk Messages
Text messages from 2020s Business Genius and his pals, as revealed in the Twitter lawsuit
2022-10-11 twitter • musk • elonmusk • stupid • siliconvalley • vanity
Redistricting and minorities
Details on how the gutting of the Voters Right Act has affected Black and Latino representation
2022-10-08 voting • politics • redistricting • gerrymandering • migurski • politicalscience
"Civil War" language
Unacceptable rhetoric from right wing and fascist sources
2022-10-05 civilwar • america • politics • violence • socialmedia • trump
Starlink capacity simulation
An attempt to model how much bandwidth the ISP may have for customers in various places
2022-10-03 starlink • bandwidth • isp • simulation • spacex • internet