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Cops stopped medical help
Portland guy died on the street in part because police shoved away the medics trying to help him
2020-08-31 police • medic • blm • killing • portland
Trump's crazy weekend
A deluge of insane and disturbing ideas, policy statements, retweets
2020-08-31 trump • politics • crazy • batshitinsane • conspiracy
DoJ Russia investigation was sabotaged
Since 2017 the investigation was never really doing the full job
2020-08-31 politics • russia • trump • corruption • conspiracy • election
Covid for kidz!
Significant rise in infections, hospitalizations, and deaths of children
2020-08-31 covid19 • coronavirus • politics • trump • children • kids • disease
Portland escalation in context
End of this article talks about how there's been nearly 500 fascist counter-protests this year, 6 of which resulted in shootings
2020-08-30 guns • blm • fascism • politics • protest • trump
Butch gay bottom (NSFW)
Old friend talks about the masculinity of being fucked
2020-08-30 gay • masculine • lgbt • tootme • nsfw • gender
Portland shooting (10 hour report)
Still very unclear what happened, but it appears a fascist was shot and killed a couple blocks away from the violent pro-Trump event last night
2020-08-30 portland • fascism • patriotprayer • killing • politics • trump
No more election security briefings
Intelligence briefings for Congress are stopping, right as the election heats up and we know Russia is working to get Trump re-elected
2020-08-29 election • politics • trump • corruption • intelligence • congress
USPS and 2020 election
Details of how much USPS fuckery could harm the election
2020-08-29 voting • votingrights • votebymail • election • politics • corruption • trump
How viruses shape the world
Excellent long form science journalism on what viruses are and how they work
2020-08-29 science • virus • disease • pandemic • tootme
The American Death Cult
Clearly written essay about the right wing's obsession with death in its political views
2020-08-29 death • deathcult • america • politics • guns
HUD abused by GOP
Convention video of tenants complaining about problem was acquired without their consent
2020-08-28 trump • politics • gop • corruption • republican
Melania is like her husband
New tell-all book makes Melania sound as awful as Donald
2020-08-28 trump • politics • melania • monster
The racist Rittenhouse defense
Excellent framing of discussion about the Kenosha murders
2020-08-28 kenosha • rittenhouse • selfdefense • racism • politics
Neal / Morse election
Ugly Massachusetts congressional race between two Democrats, with a progressive vs traditional bent and a homophobic smear underneath
2020-08-28 gay • lgbt • homophobia • Massachusetts • politics • election
Rittenhouse murders
Eyewitness accounts of the first killing, before the video we've all seen of him lying on the ground killing other people
2020-08-28 rittenhouse • kenosha • murder • politics
Nina Compton profile
Excellent article about a New Orleans chef working to make it during Coronavirus. You may remember her from Top Chef.
2020-08-28 compton • stlucia • food • cooking • topchef • tootme
pro-Trump fake tweets
Accounts impersonating African-American people tweet a lot in support of Trump
2020-08-28 trump • politics • twitter • spam • black • africanamerican
neo-Nazi police
New report on how white supremacist groups have infiltrated the police all over the US
2020-08-27 police • nazis • facsism • racism • politics
USPS delays
Shipping service company has extensive data showing 10-20% delays in shipping packages in the last few months
2020-08-27 usps • shipping • mail • politics • via:hackernews
College Covid cases
NYTimes tracking cases as colleges reopen
2020-08-27 covid19 • coronavirus • college • disease • pandemic
Kenosha Police Chief
The problem right here; police chief identifies with the murdering militia more than the protestors or the peaceful residents of his town
2020-08-27 kenosha • whitesupremacy • violence • police • politics
Kenosha murder planned on Facebook
The militia group that killed two people in Kenosha organized on Facebook. Folks complained the militia group was dangerous, Facebook ignored it and said the group was within their policies.
2020-08-27 murder • militia • facebook • kenosha • politics
More on Kenosha murderer
Kyle Rittenhouse, 17, Trump fan, showed up at a BLM protest with an assault weapon ready to shoot people
2020-08-27 kenosha • protest • civilwar • tootme • fascism • trump • politics
FDA spokesperson unqualified
Political hack takes a job normally given to career scientist communicators
2020-08-26 fda • politics • trump • covid19 • coronavirus • corruption
Slow the testing down
CDC makes good on Trump's political demand that we slow down Covid testing in contradiction to all sensible public health policy
2020-08-26 trump • politics • cdc • testing
Kenosha cops being friendly with militia
Cops + fascist thugs acting chummy
2020-08-26 kenosha • police • fascism • militia
Kenosha shooting
Violence is escalating at the hands of armed right wing militias
2020-08-26 militia • protest • violence • kenosha • police • politics • murder
FDA being subverted
Scientists and doctors worried FDA has been manipulating medical treatment data for political purposes
2020-08-25 fda • covid19 • coronavirus • politics • corruption • tootme
The Grand Old Meltdown
The Republican party no longer has ideas or policies
2020-08-25 trump • politics • gop • republicans • election
Falwell's other boy
Benjamin Crosswhite got a sweet, sweet deal from Liberty University after years of personal service to the family
2020-08-24 falwell • religion • liberty • scandal • fraud
Stanford Internet Observatory
New-ish program researching negative impacts of tech on society
2020-08-24 research • stanford • culture • politics • machinelearning • tootme
The pool boy speaks
Granda's side of the Falwell story. Jerry likes to watch (a literal cuck), and they had some happy kink for a few years
2020-08-24 sex • falwell • hypocrisy • religion
Factorio review
An excellent summary of one of the best games of the decade
2020-08-24 games • factorio • review • tootme
It was the pool boy
Monster hypocrite Jerry Falwell Jr finally comes clean on one of his marriages' failures, but not his general pattern of hatred, grift, and hypocrisy.
2020-08-24 falwell • religion • hypocrisy • politics
Facebook corrupt to the core
Zuckerberg manipulating politics to stifle competition
2020-08-24 tiktok • china • freedom • facebook • politics • wechat
Insect Flight
Slow motion captures, really lovely
2020-08-22 flying • insects • science • flight • via:metafilter • tootme
Trump poll threats
Says he'll send law enforcement and attorneys to polls to monitor and prevent fraud. Could be a very scary move.
2020-08-22 trump • politics • election • voting • votingrights
Understanding AQI readings
Air quality measurements are not calibrated or reported well
2020-08-21 aqi • airquality • purple • smoke • maps • fire • tootme
Choosing to steal children
The moment in 2018 in the White House when the immoral monsters decided taking children away from their parents should be national policy
2020-08-21 humanrights • children • politics • immigration • stephenmiller • atrocity
Ultima IV ethics
Nice little article about the groundbreaking old computer game
2020-08-21 games • ultima • ultimaiv • avatar • tootme • via:metafilter
I Will Vote
Voting information site; how to register and vote. Run by the DNC but useful to anyone.
2020-08-21 voting • votingrights • election • politics • dnc • tootme
NAT traversal in 2020
Excellent detailed article about how to poke holes in firewalls and NAT routers to allow peer to peer communication
2020-08-21 nat • stun • vpn • protocol • internet • peertopeer • tootme
Anti-BLM thug apology
Guy arrested in Nevada City for attacking peaceful protestors apologizes
2020-08-21 blm • nevadacounty • nevadacity • protest • thug • violence • politics
Legends Never Die
Orville Peck, Shania Twain: Queer Country rides again
2020-08-20 lgbt • country • music • orvillepeck • shaniatwain • tootme
National Fire Situational Awareness
Map of current fires, seems based on satellite data
2020-08-19 fire • satellite • map • california
Trump / Russia collusion
Yet more evidence the Trump campaign was completely corrupt in 2016. Is there any reason to think this year is different?
2020-08-18 trump • politics • russia • propaganda • intelligence
California blackouts; why?
Confusion as state has plenty of reported capacity to meet demand, and yet is browning out parts of the state
2020-08-17 california • power • iso • electricity • pge • caiso
How to vote in all 50 states
Per-state info on mail in and early voting options
2020-08-17 maps • voting • votingrights • elections • tootme • politics
California ISO dashboard
Remarkably understandable data on our power grid
2020-08-16 california • power • iso • electricity • dashboard • tootme
Media Lab farewell
Ethan Zuckerman's poetic goodbye to a flawed institution
2020-08-16 medialab • mit • funny
USPS Collection Boxes
A spider for scraping the location of mailboxes from the post office's website
2020-08-16 usps • mail • postal • bluebox • delivery • tootme
Nazis attack counterprotestors
Kalamazoo; unpermitted Proud Boys rally has hundreds of counterprotestors show up. The Nazis start attacking them.
2020-08-16 politics • trump • proudboys • nazis • kalamazoo
Days of Heaven
Excellent somewhat forgotten film from 1978
2020-08-15 movies • cinematography • wyeth • goldenhour • film • tootme
DHS illegally run
The head and #2 at the Department of Homeland Security are illegal appointments
2020-08-15 corruption • politics • trump • dhs • legitimacy
Vote by mail in 2020
Details of which states allow vote by mail and how
2020-08-14 voting • politics • votingrights • votebymail • election
USPS vs voting
Detailed article about logistical problems voting by mail. Some predate DeJoy, but these are all the sorts of problems a legitimate government would be working to solve, not exacerbate
2020-08-14 politics • usps • mail • voting • votingrights • coup
Mozilla signs search deal
By far the primary source of funding for Mozilla is the search deal. Won by Google again, $400M/year or so
2020-08-14 google • mozilla • firefox • ads • funding
DJ Screw remembered
Generation X Æ A-12 discovers chopped-and-screwed music, misattributes it, swiftly corrected
2020-08-14 music • choppedandscrewed • djscrew • houston • hiphop • tootme
Music for Trans and Nonbinary kids
Sweet NPR segment on an album of kids music for gender nonconforming kids. Same folks run a summer camp.
2020-08-14 trans • lgbt • inclusion • music • kids • npr
Factorio 1.0
One of the best games of the last few years is finally out of early access and formally released.
2020-08-14 games • factorio • earlyaccess • release • tootme
Trump explicit about USPS / voter suppression
Trump directly says that not funding the USPS will sabotage mail-in voting
2020-08-13 voting • politics • usps • election • trump
USPS vandal is corrupt
Retains investments in companies that compete with the USPS, the agency he is destroying
2020-08-13 usps • corruption • trump • politics
WAP in ASL (NSFW audio)
Sign interpretation of the Cardi B hit
2020-08-12 wap • asl • sign • music • deaf
More on Nevada City assaults
Detailed writeup of video evidence of brownshirts attacking demonstrators
2020-08-12 politics • trump • blm • nevadacity • riot • violence
Brown shirts vs BLM in Nevada City
Really disturbing video from the Aug 9 protest; peaceful march got assaulted by white supremacists
2020-08-12 nevadacity • racism • blm • protest • whitesupremacist • politics
BLM protest attacked in Nevada City
Ugly confrontation in small town California; a looks like a few white supremacists showed up looking for a fight
2020-08-11 nevadacity • grassvalley • nevadacounty • blm • protest • politics
WAP song (NSFW)
The uncensored version really hits a lot harder.
2020-08-11 sex • women • cardib • music • wap
Cardi B - WAP (NSFW)
Women make sexy music video, whole world freaks out
2020-08-11 women • wap • sex • music • cardib • video • macaroni
Trump no-blanks policy
Cruel and arbitrary bureaucratic policy requires every single field in a form have *something* in it even if irrelevant. No blanks allowed.
2020-08-11 politics • trump • immigration • ins • cruelty
Dismantle the DHS
The ACLU comes out in favor of breaking up the government agency that so threatens our civil liberty
2020-08-10 aclu • politics • dhs • fascism
The Inspiring Power of Bad Ideas
Transcript of a talk about people very committed to wrong ideas
2020-08-10 badideas • tomlee • folly • history Verified Scouts
Innovative VC fund keeps trying new things; now advisors that can disburse small amounts of direct funding
2020-08-10 indievc • investment • venturecapital • startups
NYTimes map population masking
Only color parts of a data map where people actually live
2020-08-10 maps • population • datavis • charts • tootme
Clay K Slider
Pop hits in the style of Animal Crossing's star electronic dog, KK Slider
2020-08-10 music • kkslider • funny • animalcrossing • games • tootme
Europe's summer raves
Illegal parties in the time of Covid-19. Sounds like fun if ill-advised. Still nowhere near as risky as what's happening in the US
2020-08-09 covid19 • coronavirus • party • europe • rave
Trump's executive orders
Details of what he actually signed into place. Much more limited than he said, and may or may not be legal.
2020-08-09 trump • politics • stimulus • covid19 • coronavirus • executiveorder • lies
Close Senate races 2020
Nice roundup of elections that are close
2020-08-09 senate • election • politics • democrats
GOP voter suppression
Details of the Republican campaign to prevent people from voting by mail
2020-08-09 fraud • voterfraud • votingrights • voting • election • politics • trump • usps • votebymail
Trump's Covid response
Another gossipy insider view from the White House of a complete failure
2020-08-09 trump • politics • covid19 • coronavirus • disease
One weapon the US is using against its citizens
2020-08-09 protest • lrad • weapon • crowdcontrol • politics • portland
USPS price gouging on ballots
Reclassifying vote by mail ballots as first class instead of bulk, nearly tripling the price
2020-08-09 usps • voting • votingrights • ballot • election • corruption • trump
California Covid-19 strategy has failed
Strongly agree with this editorial; we should be doing better in California
2020-08-09 california • politics • covid19 • coronavirus
Garrick Fernbaugh
Mercenary accused of throwing a pipe bomb into a Portland protest
2020-08-08 portland • protest • violence • mercenary • pipebomb
Alleged bomb throwing terrorist
Protestors attacked with pipe bombs in Portland; someone very brave confronted a guy they say was one of the bombers
2020-08-08 bombs • terrorism • portland • attack • fascism
Emigration and other hedges
A story from someone who left the US for Taiwan to escape Covid
2020-08-08 covid19 • coronavirus • taiwan • emigration • americans
Bill Gates on Covid
Very frank and direct discussion of how badly the US has handled the pandemic
2020-08-08 billgates • covid19 • coronavirus • pandemic • politics • trump
USPS reorganization
Trump crony removes almost half the senior leadership of the USPS and reorganizes the rest
2020-08-08 trump • politics • usps • corruption • fraud • votingrights • mail
Trump's TikTok shakedown
More speculation on the insane and corrupt idea that TikTok should pay protection money in order to do business in the US
2020-08-08 corruption • tiktok • trump • business
Russian election meddling, 2020
Intelligence assessment indicates plenty of activity. All unchecked, since the Trump Administration refused to do anything to investigate or stop it.
2020-08-08 trump • politics • russia • propaganda • election
TikTok, WeChat, and the law
An update on how the US is taking extraordinary steps to sanction Chinese businesses
2020-08-07 tiktok • wechat • america • politics • trump • china
Trees of Ghost of Tsushima
Screenshot gallery of impressive environmental decoration
2020-08-07 trees • games • ghostoftsushima • bonsai • tootme
Gay sex clubs in Covid
Eros in San Francisco is talking about reopening with patrons wearing masks
2020-08-07 gay • lgbt • sex • sexclub • covid19 • coronavirus • tootme
Nevada City outdoor dining
Small town gets its act together to allow restaurants to open more safely during Covid
2020-08-07 covid19 • coronavirus • nevadacity • california • restaurants
2mm thick watch
Fully mechanical; Piaget designs a marvel
2020-08-07 via:nat • piaget • watches • engineering • thin • tootme
Contact tracing broken in California
Even little Nevada County is affected by a statewide "reporting glitch" in Covid tests; contact tracers never learn about cases
2020-08-07 covid19 • coronavirus • california • contacttracing • fuckup • disease
GOP vs drop boxes
More voter suppression; Republicans try to prevent the use of collection boxes for ballots, a perfectly common and ordinary thing
2020-08-07 republican • gop • dropbox • voting • votingrights • election
Twitter likes extreme tweets
Simple study by the Economist shows their algorithmic timeline boosts tweets with emotional extremity
2020-08-06 twitter • emotion • propaganda • trump • filtering
Electoral College survival
Racist Southerners' support for our bizarre way of voting in a president from 1789 through to 1970s.
2020-08-05 politics • electoralcollege • voting • racism • south • votingrights
QAnon a terrorist threat
West Point analysis suggests the wacko conspiracy theory is dangerous
2020-08-05 trump • politics • qanon • terrorism • westpoint
Jamison v McClendon
Amazing judicial ruling in a police abuse case.
2020-08-05 racism • police • acab • politics • qualifiedimmunity
How 2020 election could be stolen
Totally plausible scenario of Trump fuckery around mail order ballot counting
2020-08-04 trump • politics • election • usps • votingrights • votebymail
Census sabotage
Count is cut short by a month for no good reason
2020-08-04 census • politics • trump • malfeasance • corruption
Politics vs Vaccine
Increasingly looking like the government's vaccine development plan has one major goal: deliver something, anything, before the election
2020-08-04 politics • disease • safety • covid19 • coronavirus • trump • vaccine
Lego UI design
A look at the tiny little image that decorate panels on Legos for spaceships
2020-08-04 legos • spaceships • design • via:metafilter • tootme
TikTok and the Law
Details of how Trump has authority over a Chinese company. Turns out CFIUS gives the executive very broad powers. He's abusing them, but in a way that may be legal.
2020-08-03 tiktok • law • power • microsoft • politics • trump • tootme • bytedance
Anatomy of our Covid failure
"the United States underperformed across the board, and its errors compounded"
2020-08-03 covid19 • coronavirus • trump • politics • failure • america • disease • decline
US schools in Covid
Details on how each state is handling school reopening
2020-08-03 us • america • covid19 • coronavirus • schools • education
Trump business shakedown
Insane idea that TikTok will owe money to the US Treasury for America allowing its business to operate unimpeded
2020-08-03 trump • corruption • tiktok • politics • microsoft
Ode to Putin
Living statue protest art, quite amazing
2020-08-03 portland • putin • trump • politics • blm
Covid antibodies and vaccines
Good, readable summary of why the news about diminishing antibodies in Covid patients doesn't mean a vaccine won't work
2020-08-03 covid19 • coronavirus • disease • vaccine • health • immunology • immunesystem
Right wing fake editorials
Newsmax and Washington Examiner published editorials written by people who don't exist. Seems to be a coordinated propaganda campaign.
2020-08-03 propaganda • news • journalism • newsmax • washingtonexaminer • fakenews
LA contact tracing failures
Covid sleuths are not able to track infections in LA. This article is harsh, but the simplest explanation is the system is overwhelmed by new cases.
2020-08-03 covid19 • coronavirus • contacttracing • publichealth • disease • losangeles • la
SEALs vs Kaepernick
Navy men embarrass themselves and their military service with a racist display
2020-08-02 racism • kaepernick • navy • seal • military • politics
2016 stolen votes
Details of how Michigan didn't count 75,355 ballots; mostly in heavy Black precincts. Nearly 2M votes nationwide were thrown out.
2020-08-02 politics • voting • votingrights • election • trump
The Giving Tree- Alternate Ending
Silvertstein's creepy book rewritten so that Tree has healthy boundaries
2020-08-02 funny • givingtree • books • kids • teaching • children • tootme
Trump's baseball lie
A particularly embarrassing display of narcissism
2020-08-01 trump • baseball • yankees • narcissism • politics
Contact Tracing failure
"the virus’s pervasiveness and major lags in testing have rendered the system almost pointless"
2020-08-01 covid19 • coronavirus • contacttracing • health • america