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Okonomiyaki in SF
Places in the bay area to get the Japanese greasy delicious food
2011-07-31 okonomiyaki • food • japan • sanfrancisco
Etsy rapid deploys
Slides for a company that's rethought how we ship software on the web
2011-07-31 etsy • deployment • ops • engineering
Microsoft location database
Head-thumping stupid; a database of where MAC addresses were seen. It's public info, of a sort, but after Google StreetView got in trouble for this you'd think others would be smarter.
2011-07-31 google • microsoft • privacy • location
Bing maps upgrade
Interesting documentation of some detailed mapping changes
2011-07-31 design • cartography • maps • microsoft • bing
David O’Keefe
Story of an Irishman who set himself up as a trading king on Yap, in the Pacific, in the latter part of the 19th century
2011-07-31 history • yap • micronesia • pacific
Obama's twitter spam
Interesting; white house used Tweets to address the debt crisis
2011-07-30 twitter • politics • obama
Google page speed service
Amazing bit of optimization from Google, curious how well it will work out
2011-07-30 google • speed • optimization • performance
Clever hack; reflects Google aerial images as through a simple kaleidoscope
2011-07-30 maps • art • via:metafilter
Meanwhile in Google+
It's funny
2011-07-30 google • googleplus • imagemacro • funny
Ministry of Truth
Conservative blogger scrubs her connections to the murderer of Norway
2011-07-29 norway • oslo • breivik • conservatives • truth
Dead End Thrills
Arty screenshots from videogames, often with the help of texture packs and cheats
2011-07-29 games • screenshots • via:metafilter
Booq bags
Another nice laptop case maker; they make very small bags
2011-07-29 bags • laptops
Acme Made bags
Small company that makes fashionable laptop bags
2011-07-29 laptops • macbook • bags
The web infosphere
It's funny because it's true
2011-07-28 4chan • reddit • digg • funny • humancentipede
Chinese tour groups
American goes along on a Chinese bus tour of Europe
2011-07-28 via:metafilter • china • tourism • culture
Lolcats. From the 1950s. For reals?
2011-07-28 cats • cheezeburger • lolcats • funny • 1950s • books
Stupid Apple rules
Apple's desire to take 30% cut of all in-app sales forces Amazon to remove a useful link
2011-07-27 apple • amazon • badtech • kindle
Embeddable key/value database from the Google system wizards
2011-07-27 google • software • opensource • leveldb • sqlite • cabinet • riak
Mouse vs. Pad gestures
Apple's new gesture UI in Lion is not consistent across input devices
2011-07-27 gestures • ui • hci • mouse • trackpad • apple • macos • machinima
AHRS for iPad
aviation hardware senses which way is up
2011-07-27 sensors • ipad • ahrs • aviation
‪Aspen's connected cockpit
Networking in small airplanes between the panel and handheld devices
2011-07-27 aviation • flying • aspen • foreflight
Bitcoin is not anonymous
Excellent passive analysis of transaction records
2011-07-26 bitcoin • anonymity • security • research
Typekit improvements
Interesting workaround for Windows; render via Postscript to use more consistent font smoothing
2011-07-26 fonts • typography • typekit • postscript • windows
Historical aviation charts
Collection of maps from the government; aeronautical, naval, etc
2011-07-26 maps • charts • aviation • flying • history
Points of departure
Visual interface to 6000 airports
2011-07-25 airports • googleearth • photos • aviation • via:metafilter
America distilled
Crazy NASCAR pre-race prayer that is a beautifully American thing. Might be parody, but not clear.
2011-07-25 america • nascar • prayer • religion
Breivik's WoW posts
32 forum posts from the man behind the Norway massacre
2011-07-25 norway • terrorism • warcraft • games
TAL on patents
Long investigative piece on Intellectual Ventures abuse of the patent system
2011-07-23 Patents • myhrvold • lodsys • innovation
Presidential tweets
Analysis of response to a whitehouse tweet
2011-07-22 politics • twitter • whitehouse
Harry Potter openers
Images of the Warner Bros logo for the movies
2011-07-22 logos • harrypotter • movies • warnerbros
Mac Mini teardown
More in the annals of what's inside?
2011-07-22 mac • apple • macmini • teardown
Presidential car wash
A remarkable advertisement
2011-07-22 carwash • advertisement • ads • funny
Drowning a jet
Landing goes bad, in the water, and the pilot doesn't shut down the engine
2011-07-22 flying • aviation • jet • crash
Crazy Internet mob story
Korean rapper gets falsely accused of lying about his background
2011-07-22 via:metafilter • korea • internet • identity • stanford
Minecraft flight sim
Nice models
2011-07-22 flying • aviation • games • minecraft
2011 MacBook Air teardown
What's inside Apple's new laptop?
2011-07-22 apple • mac • teardown • mba
Microsoft online losses
They continue to burn $2B+ a year on the online. Good for the world: otherwise Google would have zero competition. But ouch!
2011-07-22 google • microsoft • search • online • finances
JSTOR torrent
An upload of public domain papers in protest of the Swartz indictment
2011-07-21 aaron • aaronsw • copyright • jstor • science • bittorrent
Templates for doing a presentation in HTML
2011-07-21 google • html • slides • powerpoint • javascript
Myhrvold critique
Someone dismantles the patent troll's recent ridiculous column
2011-07-20 patents • freedom • myhrvold
1/5th of gamers choose the girl
Mass Effect let you choose playing a man or a woman. Only 18% of players chose the woman.
2011-07-20 gender • games • masseffect • bioware
NSFW Where's Waldo?
Cartoon orgy
2011-07-20 sex • waldo • funny • via:chan4chan • parody
Phone location infrastructure
Profile of TruePosition, a company that provides location services for cell phones
2011-07-20 mobile • geolocation • trueposition • privacy
Zynga / Facebook
crazy relationship the two companies have; even crazier it wasn't disclosed earlier
2011-07-20 facebook • zynga • games
DB format vs. murder
Crazy story of how a terrible file format in Firefox may have contributed to a high profile murder case
2011-07-19 badtech • database • firefox • mozilla
JSTOR statement on Aaron
Very carefully written and considered
2011-07-19 jstor • aaron • aaronsw
More on Aaron
Sounds insane
2011-07-19 aaronsw • aaron • jstor • mit
Statement about Aaron
response from Demand Progress seems to frame this as Aaron downloading "too many articles"
2011-07-19 aaronsw • aaron • jstor
Aaron Swartz indicted
Wow, wacky story, hope he's OK
2011-07-19 aaronsw • aaron • jstor • mit
Murdoch pie tweet
Guy who threw a pie at Murdoch tweeted that he was about to do it
2011-07-19 twitter • murdoch
Neat project having people georeference sanborn maps
2011-07-19 maps • sanborn • sanfrancisco • captcha
nginx now a company
The lightning fast web server half the Internet uses finally incorporates
2011-07-18 nginx • web • http • startups
Gregory Crewdson
Beautifully nostalgic images
2011-07-18 art • photography • nostalgia
Plain Text Offenders
Examples of websites that break a basic rule of security
2011-07-17 passwords • security • badtech
Eye-Fi direct mode
Upload photos direct from a camera (via magic SD card) to an iPhone, iPad, etc
2011-07-17 camera • photos • wifi • ipad • ios • iphone
Marius Watz in SF
Interesting digital artist having a show and talk in San Francisco
2011-07-16 mariuswatz • art • processing • sanfrancisco
Rutan electric plane
Famous maverick plane designer's last bizarre design
2011-07-16 flying • aviation • rutan
Concorde jumpseat
Nice story of a lucky passenger
2011-07-15 concorde • flying • aviation
Ethernet history
Nice technical details of physical networking
2011-07-15 networks • ethernet • lan • 10baset
Cute little student game demo
2011-07-14 games • digipen
Malware business
Nice primer on the current state of the billion dollar malware market
2011-07-14 malware • badtech • scam
Manning profile
Quick summary from the chat logs of the WikiLeaks cable leaker
2011-07-14 wikileaks • manning • gay • via:waxy
Firey plane landing
Russian plane on fire lands in a river
2011-07-14 russia • flying • aviation • batshitinsane
P-51 midair interview
Great little interview with the pilot who survived a mid-air at an airshow
2011-07-13 airshow • flying • aviation • balls
Facebook vs. Circles
Interesting insidery account of the Google Circles development
2011-07-13 facebook • googleplus • google
TechCrunch is a bully
Yet another example of how the industry's news blog is a bad thing
2011-07-13 techcrunch • arrington • journalism
mathowie article
MetaFilter founder and all around nice guy is featured in Portland's local alternarag
2011-07-13 mathowie • metafilter • culture • internet
Sony's CAPTCHA includes the answer in HTML
2011-07-13 captcha • programming • badtech • sony
Homage to animated GIFs
Appreciation of a simple format
2011-07-13 images • gifs • culture • internet
Airshow mid-air
Amazing video, pilots survived
2011-07-13 aviation • flying • midair • p51 • mustang
Doing IVF
Sad but well written story of a couple trying to have a baby
2011-07-12 fertility • medicine • ivf
Undocumented immigrant
Amazing personal story of a journalist living in fear of being found out as an undocumented immigrant
2011-07-12 Immigration • journalism
Feeling Lucky
Google memoir from one of my favourite early employees
2011-07-12 google • marketing • search
AV scam banks
details on how malware providers shake people down for money
2011-07-11 fraud • malware • badtech • payments
John Walker Lindh
I never knew how crazy the story of his capture was
2011-07-11 911 • Afghanistan • terrorism • lindh
Web languages
Great analysis of languages in use on the Web
2011-07-09 Google • web • language
Google / Twitter
rumours about the search deal
2011-07-08 search • twitterr • google
A Twitter ad
great story of buying an ad on a hot Twitter trend
2011-07-08 twitter • ads • search
JP Morgan crooks
Business as usual for American investment banks
2011-07-08 Fraud • business • jpmorgan • munis
Realm of the Mad God story
Funny story from the casual MMO
2011-07-08 Games • flash • story • rotmg • realmofthemadgod
WikiTravel Tromsø
A very funny travel guide
2011-07-07 Norway • travel • tromsø • tromso • wiki
1897 North Pole by balloon
Crazy expedition attempt
2011-07-01 Northpole • arctic • Sweden • balloon • aviation • batshitinsane
Maisel tagged
Home of artist who sued And Baio over the Kind of Bloop cover has a lot of graffiti: someone added a bit
2011-07-01 Copyright • waxy • art • streetart