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1905 SF Sanborn Maps
2011-06-29 maps • sanborn
Silver Lake sleaze?
Allegations of how a private equity firm screwed Skype employees
2011-06-24 Skype • equity • startups • silverlake
Andy's fair use nightmare
Homage project for love turns into copyright nightmare
2011-06-23 Fairuse • copyright • milesdavis • waxy
Midair refueling
great set of photos
2011-06-23 aviation • kc135 • fuel
TechCrunch blackmail
Mat calls out Arrington's sleaze
2011-06-23 arrington • techcrunch • flickr • journalism
Realm of the Mad God release
Great casual browser MMO, lots of fun
2011-06-23 games • mmos • flash
Bitcoin disaster
Markets r hard
2011-06-21 Bitcoin • crypto • money
Is Mike Arrington a dick?
This whiny blog post answers the periodic question.
2011-06-20 Techcrunch • Arrington • journalism
Vagar airport charts
Crazy airport in the Faroe Islands.
2011-06-20 Flying • aviation • faroes • vagar
Vancouver riot photo
Great image
2011-06-16 photos • photography • vancouver
Game of Thrones chiptune
2011-06-15 music • gameofthrones • 8bit • chiptune
American Bison map
Amazing 1800s conservation story, with a great map
2011-06-15 bison • species • conservation • endangered • via:metafilter • maps • infovis
Trulia Insights
Great data visualization team is publishing stuff from the real estate site
2011-06-15 realestate • trulia • sha • infovis • polymaps
Amazon's first employee
Interesting history from the beginning of the company
2011-06-15 amazon • startups
iPhone PINs
Data about what 4 digit passcodes iPhone users choose
2011-06-15 iphone • security • passwords • pins • badtech
B-17 Liberty Belle statement
Details on the in-flight fire. Long story short, it wasn't as dramatic as the photos. So sad, though.
2011-06-15 aviation • flying • libertybelle • fire • b-17 • b17 • warbird
Yet another Flash zero day
Seriously, why do we all install this crap?
2011-06-15 flash • security • badtech • adobe
Bad game PR
Amazing: PR agency publically threatens to blacklist people who wrote "venom" about Duke Nukem Forever
2011-06-15 games • pr • press • jounalism
An ISP that doesn't suck
My awesome ISP's CEO just answered a bunch of questions on Reddit
2011-06-15 isp • internet • sonicnet • santarosa
Data SIM prices
Great wiki with basic info on what 3G costs
2011-06-15 3g • gsm • data • wiki • internet
Access Main Computer File
Images from movie computer interfaces
2011-06-15 hci • interface • movies • via:hotlinks
Flip a coin
Funny image macro
2011-06-14 billgates • stevejobs • funny
Work for ForeFlight
Interesting opportunity for software / pilot geeks. The company is doing great
2011-06-13 flying • aviation • foreflight • jobs • software
Telehack interview
Andy gets an interview with the anonymous creator of the retro Internet site
2011-06-13 telehack • internet • games • textfiles
Biscuit embossing
Lovely study of the designs of things like Oreo cookies
2011-06-13 cookies • biscuits • baking • design • food
Satellites by nation
Graphic showing who has how many satellites in orbit
2011-06-13 space • orbit • satellite down image
Pretty funny image for when the site is down
2011-06-12 lolcat • funny • cat • turntablefm
More Groupon ugly
Is this IPO a disaster in the making?
2011-06-11 groupon • ipo • startups
Pinboard vs Google
Maciej declares war against Google Analytics bullshit URL tracking
2011-06-11 Google • pinboard • URL
WWDC wifi data
interesting info on wireless network usage at a conference
2011-06-10 wifi • apple • wwdc
New privacy idea
Tim O'Reilly has a new take on privacy. See also Transparent Society
2011-06-10 privacy • facebook
Decompiling E Coli
famous hacker Bunnie reverse engineers some bacteria
2011-06-10 hacking • biotech • genetics • bioinformatics
Great Comics
awesome spoofs
2011-06-09 comics • funny
Profile of @raffi
Nice honoring of one of the smartest guys I know
2011-06-08 raffi • twitter • mit • wattzon
Detecting ISP traffic shaping
2011-06-08 isp • internet • tcpip
Wind history map
A project of mine; a map that shows prevalent winds. Try it out!
2011-06-07 winds • windrose • history • weather
White bread origin
The horrible industrial bread we eat now is a result of rationing-era British food engineering
2011-06-07 food • bread • via:metafilter
Bitcoin rich list
Record of who owns the most Bitcoins. Well, anonymous IDs at least
2011-06-07 Bitcoin • money • cryptography
the true story of audion
Amazingly detailed story of a Mac shareware music program and getting rolled over by apple
2011-06-06 via:waxy • apple • itunes • business • startup
Amazing service; runs your web page in one of several browsers and gives a performance report, screenshots, etc
2011-06-06 performance • optimization • testing • http • web
Chicago to NYC: 13.33ms
press release from a network company offering lower latency trades between Chicago and New York
2011-06-06 via:raffi • finance • chicago • nyc • trading
Aphex Twin vs. jazz drummer
Amazing live acoustic performance of Flim
2011-06-05 aphextwin • music • flim • drummer
Venezuela's party prison
Crazy situation where the prisoners control the prison
2011-06-05 venezuela • prison • drugs • gangs • via:metafilter
Bitcoin mining profit
Table showing profitability of various Bitcoin mining setups
2011-06-05 bitcoin • gpu • hardware
Gaming then and now
Funny because it's true
2011-06-05 games • 4chan
About Pastebin
Nice article on the simple utility site for sharing text
2011-06-05 pastebin • hackers • text • web
Groupon's weird use of funds
They raised $946M then paid $810M right back to investors. WTF?
2011-06-04 groupon • investment • ipo • startups
Groupon founders' $120m
IPO filing reveals the preferred shareholders have taken $120m out of the company. Wow
2011-06-04 groupon • stock • investor • startups
Groupon skeptic
Harsh language, important questions
2011-06-04 groupon • ipo • business
@Mike_FTW vs. @anildash
pretty great Twitter exchange of the dozens
2011-06-04 insults • yermom • yourmom • mikemonteiro • anildash • funny • twitter
Shangaan Electro
Interesting Soweto dance music
2011-06-04 music • via:metafilter • southafrica • soweto • 180bpm
Wave At The Bus
Awesome dad waves at his son's schoolbus every day, in costume
2011-06-04 via:metafilter • funny • utah • parents
LulzSec Donations
This Bitcoin account belongs to some 4chan / Anonymous group. You can see donations they've gotten.
2011-06-04 security • anonymous • 4chan • lulzsec • bitcoin
Bitcoin critique
Cogent, technical criticism of Bitcoin
2011-06-03 bitcoin • money • criticism
Simple IPv6 fix
Microsoft's solution for problems in IPv6 day? Disable IPv6
2011-06-03 internet • ipv6 • microsoft • support • windows • tcpip
Jason Fried on Groupon
Very direct and honorable response to a bunch of nasty criticism
2011-06-03 groupon • jasonfried • startups
Perl is dying
Stats on open source hosting; the remarkable thing to me is how few commits there are in Perl
2011-06-03 languages • programming • perl • opensource
Amanda Franklin tribute
Video memorial for an airshow performer who just passed away
2011-06-03 flying • aerobatics • wingwalking • amandafranklin
June 4: Code for Oakland
Some interesting folks will be there
2011-06-03 oakland • code • service
Javascript JTS
Port of the popular geographic data library to Javascript
2011-06-03 geos • geohacking • javascript • jts • code
kern.js info
advanced web typography
2011-06-03 javascript • kerning • fonts • web
Syria going offline
Real time traffic graph from Syria: headed to zero as the government blocks the Internet
2011-06-03 internet • freedom • syria • google
LightSquared breaks GPS
Test results are in, and they are negative
2011-06-03 gps • aviation • lightsquared
Flickr date design
Flickr engineer talks about some of the fine design flourishes in the way the database handles time
2011-06-02 flickr • photos • engineering • design
Parachute formation
Lovely photograph
2011-06-02 photos • parachute • sunset
Airplane vs. Giraffe
2011-06-02 aviation • accident • giraffe • airplane
WoW insider: Joi Ito
Profile of the new Media Lab director from a Warcraft site
2011-06-02 games • warcraft • joiito • mit • medialab
"An archive of Bitcoin culture"
2011-06-02 bitcoin • via:metafilter • funny
Real time map of all the modern ADS-B transponders in the air
2011-06-02 flying • aviation • ads-b • tracking
Minecraft timelapse building
Nicely made video
2011-06-02 minecraft • games • timelapse
Bunny dressage
Going to hell for linking the Daily Mail, but this is an awesome story
2011-06-02 rabbits • cute • bunnies • dressage • showjumping
Hover Zoom
Chrome extension to show a higher resolution image for a thumbnail, with baked in URL schemes for many popular image services
2011-06-02 images • chrome • extensions • hack
Crypto hash lifespan
Details of how long various cryptographic hash functions have been considered secure. Spoiler: not very.
2011-06-02 hash • cryptography • sha1 • security
Weiner's EXIF data
The supposed "lewd" image doesn't match the EXIF of other Weiner photos. So.. can an yone match this EXIF to the right wing jackass's photos?
2011-06-02 exif • weiner • scandal • politics
Northrop Grumman attacked
Another major military company. Seems connected to the RSA SecurID breach
2011-06-01 security • securid • cyberwar
Tor hidden services
How to hide a web site via Tor
2011-06-01 tor • anonymity • internet
Silk Road non-anonymous
Here's a view of Silk Road that doesn't require Tor
2011-06-01 tor • internet • drugs • blackmarket
Silk Road discussion
more info on the Internet black market
2011-06-01 drugs • internet • tor
Silk Road: Tor black market
First I've heard of this; a web site only available via Tor where you can buy narcotics with BitCoins
2011-06-01 drugs • silkroad • tor • internet • via:metafilter
AirBNB spammed Craigslist users?
Pretty strong criticism of unethical behaviour
2011-06-01 airbnb • craigslist • spam • rentals • ethics
Twitter search architecture
Includes a brief description of the original MySQL search system
2011-06-01 search • twitter • mysql
VC against software patents
Not a new argument, but an interesting source
2011-06-01 patents • software • vc • venturecapital
Beautifully implemented visualization of travel times
2011-06-01 maps • javascript • transit