About Tweetchive


Tweetchive is a quick hack to show your personal Twitter archive in a variety of views. Using Tweetchive you can look at your last 3000+ tweets as a map view, a text view, or a photo view. More info in my blog post. Tweetchive is inspired by All My Tweets.


Tweetchive is unfinished; even the name is just a working title. I've been tinkering with this off and on for a few weeks and figured it'd be better to put something out. The UI is clumsy and nothing's been optimized. But it works enough to be useful!


Tweetchive is entirely a client-side Javascript program. It gets tweets from Twitter via the Twitter API, specifically the unauthenticated user_timeline call. Useful data is stripped out and cached in the browser via HTML localStorage. The various views are rendered in Javascript using jQuery, Leaflet, and Leafclusterer. You can see how the site itself works with view source; the interesting part is in tweetchive.js.


This site is a labour of love: feedback and suggestions are most welcome. Please mail me at nelson@monkey.org with any thoughts you have. I'm not sure I will continue working on this project, your encouragement helps!


The base map is Stamen's Toner map, itself derived from OpenStreetMap, CC-BY-SA. Thanks to Moment.js for date parsing.

Tweetchive is by Nelson Minar@nelson.