Funes, his Mail Archive Search Software

Note: this software is four years old and barely useful. It's online for historical purposes. --nelson, 2005-12-07

"I, myself, alone, have more memories than all mankind since the world began," he said to me. And also: "My dreams are like other people's waking hours." And again, towards dawn: "My memory, sir, is like a garbage heap."
Jorge Luis Borges
reporting on the memory of Ireneo Funes
in Funes el Memorioso, 1944

I have eight years of email archives. These archives are my memory. But my memory is awkward, it is hard for me to find things in it. When did I last write my old friend? What all have I thought about Jorge Luis Borges? Who wrote me email in early April, 2001?

Funes is a Java program that enables you to search your memories. At its core is a search engine: Funes indexes all of your email into a quickly-searchable database and then lets you query that database. The search engine itself is implemented with Lucene. Funes adds the glue to parse mailboxes and interact with you via a command line interface.

There are other search tools out there for email, for example grepmail or mg. I wrote Funes because I wanted my own tool to work my own way, because I needed something to keep out of trouble while I was looking for work, and because Lucene was so cool. Mostly, I wrote it because my memory is important to me.

Funes is currently minimally usable and has much work to go. I am not likely to work on it in the near future. It is available as free software according to the GNU Public License. If you try it, please let me know.




Funes is powered by Lucene
Lucene is a full text search indexing library, part of Apache Jakarta.

Funes uses a modified version of Knife's mbox Javamail provider. In accordance with the LGPL, the modified source is available here as knife-mbox-nelson-20011102.tar.gz.

Nelson Minar Created: November 1, 2001
<> Updated: December 7, 2005